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Home Safety

Electrical safety in your home Earlier this week i shared a post on To our Facebook page if you haven’t been to taker a look follow this link Find Us n Facebook , this post was about cheap chargers for you technology in your home. a few thing to remember always use a manufactures device always charge… Read more »

Socket safety covers

What is more dangerous to your child than socket outlets???? I have a 3-year-old daughter who occasionally finds herself on the naughty step which I then tend to find her playing with the plug socket at the bottom of the stairs. I was recommended putting socket covers in my home by a health visitor when… Read more »

Outside Lighting during the winter months

outside lights security or design but could it be both Outside of your home has so much potential – it can now be regarded as another room in your home – the last few years have seen rise to people opting for more Stylish outside lights Decking lighting – and indeed other forms of garden… Read more »