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Home Safety

Electrical safety in your home Earlier this week i shared a post on To our Facebook page if you haven’t been to taker a look follow this link Find Us n Facebook , this post was about cheap chargers for you technology in your home. a few thing to remember always use a manufactures device always charge… Read more »

Smoke alarms in your home

Smoke alarms in your home Many people think they have covered the need for a smoke by sticking up a cheap battery unit from the local DIY shop at the top of the stirs, whilst this is a good start there are a lot more options to use now that can offer better protection for… Read more »


what should you look for when choosing an NICEIC electrician?? when you are looking for an electrician to work in your home there are many aspects that you should be looking for firstly you should do you research and find some one who is an expert in there field. you can do this by visiting… Read more »

Socket safety covers

What is more dangerous to your child than socket outlets???? I have a 3-year-old daughter who occasionally finds herself on the naughty step which I then tend to find her playing with the plug socket at the bottom of the stairs. I was recommended putting socket covers in my home by a health visitor when… Read more »

Outside Lighting during the winter months

outside lights security or design but could it be both Outside of your home has so much potential – it can now be regarded as another room in your home – the last few years have seen rise to people opting for more Stylish outside lights Decking lighting – and indeed other forms of garden… Read more »


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